Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello again!

You should all know how much I miss you when I am not here. This blog is quite a little haven for me. I can write about most anything I enjoy here , things that not everyone around me wants to hear me ramble on and on about. °Ü° So thank you to all of you out there who read the ramblings of this gypsy/farmgirl. I appreciate the emails you send me and your words of encouragement. I apologize for not being so quick to write back, it's just the same 'ol excuse, life is too busy.

But...G-d willing that should be ending soon, at least for a bit! My outside of the home jobs will be coming to an end this Sunday and I am not ashamed to tell you I cannot wait! Oh yes, I just want to be home in the worst way. Other than the fact I love my home shall I tell you another of my motivations... something that I have been absolutely DYING to tell you all for weeks now. Are you ready??? Come just a bit closer...closer...OK! guess what I got for Mother's Day??

A SPINNING WHEEL!!!! YES!!! My very own Ashford Traveller! I am so excited! The only problem is I have not been able to spin anything yet because I have not had time to finish and assemble it. Yes, it is indeed a very sad state, so here I wait. Talk about delayed gratification. I figure I have waited this long for a wheel, another week or so will not kill me.

So let me tell you, G-d willing, I will be spinning and weaving my way through this summer. I really think I need it as much as I want it. Those of you who understand the spirituality of these things get exactly what I am saying...and those of you who don't, go ahead and find the holiness of the day to day things you do and the creative ways you express yourself and then you will understand.

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