Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adventures in weaving

After about a week of trying to figure it out, reading and rereading the instructions, watching the video, agonizing over warp boards and such, I thought I had it...and I almost did.

I finally figured out how to warp my rigid heddle loom and I was so pleased. My youngest and I rolled the last bit of warp up and I tied the ends, rechecked the tension and I thought I was off and weaving.

But alas, after only a few rows I have yet met another obstacle. One of my warp threads have broken. I am so bummed. I have no idea why I have not thrown in the towel by now.

It has been an arduous week. But true to my stubborn nature (my name means mountain goat after all) I cannot, will not, give up.

And so I plod along...

I will weave, darn it! And I am going to be very good at it too.

So there!

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