Thursday, July 21, 2005

Village Mentality

Women need each other! Think of simpler times, long ago times when we were a village or a tribal people. We did everything as a community. We cooked, washed our clothes, raised our children with our 'sisters' by our side. We were there for all the passages of time and life cycles. When a girl began her 'moon time' we were all there, when she married, we were all there, when she birthed , we were all there, and when she left this life, we were all there. I am not trying to romanticize this time because I know that is was not always so 'beautiful' . I know this was a very difficult time that warranted the need for others but I do know that we were a community then and we were not alone. I do not think our deep needs have really changed. We have been force fed independence to the degree there is no longer interdependence between people. Even families are slowly disinigrating. If a husband or wife no longer please each other they can be rid of the other relatively easy. Now this planet is filled with so many individuals. Many of us feel or have felt alone in our lives. We do not even have our own blood family near us let alone a tribe or village. You are right Molly Mae, this is why we all flock to these sites. We come here to find each other, to comfort and draw strength from each other. We in our souls are searching for this common bond. Society has tried to strip us of our true feminine power, saying feminist mentality is where it is at. The feminist movement had accomplished quite a bit, not all of it bad, but the one thing they did accomplish, which is a tremendous dis service to us all is taking away our feminine power as women. We no longer take pride in our homes and homemaking skills. We do not take part in our births, we want medication to feel no pain, we want ease and comfort through it all. When the child does arrive society tells us we must go back to work because we need "things". They tell us to give OUR children to daycares, to schools, to the world. They tell us to long for the day when they turn the magical age of 18 and we can be RID of them! What kind of madness is that?! I know this has become long winded, I apologize, but I feel this so deeply. I am so blessed to read once again I am not alone and to encourage all of us to perservere together in our high calling of motherhood. We are the heart of our homes, may we all of us beat loud and strong with love. May we all help each other in this journey and encourage each other on the way.

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