Monday, July 25, 2005

Of Birds and Rain

Shalom Aliechem,

I am so pleased you stopped by this morning. Aren't early mornings lovely? It really is my favorite part of the day. I think it always has been. I remember when I was a child feeling so wonderful as I lay in my bed with my mother clanging about in the kitchen. The sounds of the pots and dishes, the smell of the coffee and toast she was usually making, were some of my nicest childhood memories. I remember lying there snuggled up pleased that yesterday was gone and the night was over, looking foward to a new day.

A new day, with new beginings and new possibilities. To paraphrase our beloved Anne of Green Gables,"... isn't it nice to think that today is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

This morning is particularly intersting for me because it is raining quite hard outside. Now, in spite of this, the birds are singing joyfully! How can this be? What is there to sing about? Aren't they getting there tiny feathered bodies soaked, and yet they are singing? What an object lesson! The birds teach me in spite of the rain falling on them they rejoice and they sing. Do I have not more reason to do so? In spite of the rain I percieve falling in my life should I not sing? Especially since I know that all that G-d sends me and gives me is ultimately for my good. Should I then not sing in the morning?

Perhaps the birds knew that the earth needed the rain so they are expressing their gratitude. Maybe they knew the gardens were drying up so they rejoice. Should I then not see the rain as a sorrow but as a blessing? "Gamzu l'tova," This too is for the good!

Yesterday is gone, gone with it sadness, gone with it's sorrow, gone with the troubles and is only a dream. Today is a new day! Today is reality! Today I must look for the good my Father is sending me in all things and sing!

"In the evening one lies down weeping, but with the dawn-a cry of joy!" Psalm 30

Welcome to the morning!

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