Sunday, March 15, 2009

While Crossing the Narrow Bridge...

... I met up with an old and unfortunately faithful companion. His name is Fear. I do not really like Fear very much, although admittedly at times he can be a very good friend. In fact there have been several occasions that he really kept me from making huge mistakes or getting very hurt. But unfortunately, more often than not, he has prevented me from traveling forward on the bridge. He is not too interested in me progressing. He tends to get attached to a situation or a place insisting that danger or pain lurk further along. Sometimes he has blocked my way, bullying me into submission. Other times he wants me to just stay put with him, immobilized in his dark and warm embrace. I even remember once he tried to convince me that the bridge was probably out, in utter disrepair further along and I would end up falling into the abyss below, so why risk it. He always appears to be so large and so much stronger than me.

This time and on this particular stint of the journey, as I am crossing the narrow bridge, I decided to try to shove Fear out of the way. It took much of my strength and has taken some time, but I finally got past him. Strangely enough, once you really take a look at the bastard, he's not so big at all.


NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

Big HUGS Yael. Remember the only thing you have to fear is Fear itself. I don't know if I really believe that but I have heard it so much I try to accept it!

BJ said...

I'm still working on getting him out of my way ;-) but at least I now see that it's him and not something else ..... Funny that you should post this, as I've been tinkering with a post on similar lines for several days now.

By the way, love the new picture in your blog header.

On to Pesach cleaning ;-)