Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Homeschool Minute...Ditty Time

I am forever making up songs. Not like Lennon and McCartney or Yosef Karduner type songs, more like Barney meets Shlock Rock type songs. I started when my children were babies and then I used this 'talent' to help my children memorize things for school. Since I have joined the preschool sect (?) again, I am back to making up songs once more. Here is my latest for memorizing the months of the year.

TTTO "Limbo Rock" (a classic yes...did you know Adon Olam works with this too? LOL)

I can sing the months of the year
Listen close so you can hear
Twelve months we have in all
During winter, spring, summer, and fall
January, February, March, April, May, June
Juuuly, August, September,
October, November, December

:::Applause Applause:::
:::cheer cheer::::
Waves buh bye to all her fans!!
Thank you Cyber world! You guys are the best!

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Over The Rainbow said...

And you wonder why they love you :)